Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday game day!

It has been football day at our house today. Tom was ready for Georgia so he could watch them. Tonight, I switch between Alabama and Auburn! We have had a good day...
The good part about this little recovery period that we are going through is the fact that we have had some good company to come check up on us. Jennifer and Faith came over to visit and Jennifer went to the store for me today to get a few groceries. Kevin and Megan have been several times with Addy. She is so sweet to sit with me while I show her a book. We will be celebrating her 1st birthday in a few weeks. Tommy and Rebecca brought Heston over to visit this afternoon. We even got some cookies from Savages to enjoy from them. Heston played until he got kind of tired, so they left to put him to bed. It is fun to pull out the wood barn, that we had for the grandchildren, for him to play with . He loves all the animals that are in it. I will have to be a baby proof house again, but what fun!! My girls from Sunday School have brought food that we are still enjoying. Caroline brought us some delicious muffins that we are still eating. Thanks to all for your concern and for thinking of us.

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