Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lunch at the Mall

Yesterday, Tom and I met Jane and Heston at Brookwood for lunch. It has gotten to be our weekly meeting place. Heston sits in the highchair now loves to eat, whatever is put in front of him. Tom enjoys seeing him and never misses the chance to give him some change for his bank. We were able to take a little walk after lunch, around the mall. I was looking for something for my little neighbor, Anna, who took a hard fall and cracked her pelvic bone in several places. She will be in the wheelchair for many weeks. Jane helped me pick out a pretty journal for her, thinking she will have lots of time to start writing in it. I was glad to have Loisie`s old wheelchair to lend to them for Anna to use.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dinner with Addy

Last night I had Anne and Zack over for dinner and they were having Addy spent the night with them so I got to see her for a few hours. She wasn't too sure about me to start with but after a little while, she started smiling at me. I gave her a little cap that I knitted for her and she seemed to like it! I think she knows I'm her Gaga now!