Thursday, September 3, 2009

After surgery report

Well, things look much better today than they did yesterday at this time! We got to the hospital at 6:20a.m., thinking we would be one of the first procedures for the day. Little did we know the true story..... We were one of about 30 people signing in at this early hour. After 45 minutes, we moved to our next place to register some more information then up stair to the pre-procedure waiting room. We were in there for enough time to get my lovely gown and robe, take vitals then on to the bed room, where I would be for the next 3 hours, lying down with the iv hooked up, waiting to be taken to surgery. The girls were in there with me to keep me company. They finally asked for a few morsels of crushed ice for me cause my lips were dry and I was getting a headache. It tasted pretty good. At 11:40, they took me back. The first culture was a little bit of cancer on the border so they took a bit more of my skin to culture. It came back fine and it was the reconstruction time. Looking at me now, I don`t look so good, but after the girls saw the before picture, they assured me what a great job the Dr. had done. He is a true artist!! I am so thankful for the good outcome. Now, to get rid of my black and blue eye, that is my quest!! I am without my car for the next week since I can`t drive using only one eye. Guess we will be doing a lot of resting and tv watching at our house! Thanks for all the concern from everyone. Thankfully, the worst is over for now..... Love, Gaga

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